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Applies a custom conversion procedure to styles of the selected text items, tabs, label items (and item of all types inherited from label items).

procedure ApplyStyleConversion(UserData: Integer; Recursive: Boolean = True);

This procedure calls OnStyleConversion event for each selected text item and for the current text style. Using this method, you can implement commands like "make bold" or "change font name".

This method ignores any text protection, it can change text style even if rvprStyleProtect is included in Protection of existing text items' styles. If you want to respect text style protection, check this protection option yourself in OnStyleConversion event.

If Recursive = False, OnStyleConversion is not called for cells of selected tables (except for the case of multicell selection in a single table).

Method type: editstyle editing-style.

unicode Unicode note: If Unicode text style is applied to ANSI text item, text in this item is converted from ANSI to Unicode, and vice versa.


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