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Returns object at the position of caret representing item of the given class.

function GetCurrentItemEx(RequiredClass: TCustomRVItemInfoClass;

  out ItemRichViewEdit: TCustomRichViewEdit;

  out Item: TCustomRVItemInfo): Boolean;

(introduced in version 1.4)

This method is usually used when working with tables.

Input parameter:

RequiredClass the required class of item, set it to TRVTableItemInfo.

Output parameters:

ItemRichViewEdit editor containing this item (table); it can be the main editor, or cell inplace-editor (if this item (table) is in cell of another table).

Item object representing the item (table)


This method must be called only when the document is formatted.


Return value

The method returns True if the output parameters were assigned. In case of tables, it returns True if:

the caret is to the right or to the left of the table, or

the table has multicell selection, or

the caret is inside table cell.

In case of nested tables, this method returns the top level table (the closest to the user in Z-order).


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See also:

Obtaining RichView items;

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