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Modifies the item at the position of caret, if this item is a picture or hot-picture.

procedure SetCurrentPictureInfo(const AName: TRVAnsiString;

  Agr: TGraphic; AVAlign: TRVVAlignconst ATag: TRVTag);

SetCurrentPictureInfo(...) is equivalent to TopLevelEditor.SetPictureInfoEd(TopLevelEditor.CurItemNo, ...).

This method can be used if CurItemStyle returns rvsPicture.


AName – name of the item, any string without line break (CR, LF) characters. It can also be set using SetCurrentItemText method.

Agr – graphic object. If this item does not use a shared image (by default), Agr must be an unique graphic object (you cannot assign the same graphic object to two or more items) or the value returned by GetCurrentPictureInfo (the image is shared if rvepShared extra item property is nonzero). If this item does not use a shared image, and Agr is not equal to the value returned by GetCurrentPictureInfo, the previously used graphic object is freed.

AVAlign – vertical alignment of the picture.

ATag tag of the item. You can use value returned by GetCurrentPictureInfo or GetCurrentTag for this item. The tag can also be set by SetCurrentTag method.


Method type: editstyle editing-style.

Additional item properties are assigned by the methods SetCurrentItemExtraIntProperty and SetCurrentItemExtraStrProperty.

unicode Unicode note: names of non-text items are ANSI strings.


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