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Limits capacity of the undo buffer.

property UndoLimit: Integer;

(Introduced in version 1.3)




Undo is turned off


Undo buffer "unlimited" (limited by available memory)

any positive value

Limit of saved operations to undo

Note 1: although typing is undone character-by-character, it is saved as a single undo action (for more efficient memory usage).

Note 2: It's not recommended for this version to set UndoLimit to 1. Use multilevel undo instead.

Note 3: Modifying UndoLimit does not affect the current state of undo buffer (no items are deleted from it)

This property does not affect behavior of methods introduced in TRichView, they can't be undone.

Default value:

-1 (unlimited buffer)

See also:

Undo in RichViewEdit.