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TRVLabelItemInfo.RemoveInternalLeading, RemoveSpaceBelow

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Allows removing spacing above and below the text.

RemoveInternalLeading: Boolean;

RemoveSpaceBelow: Boolean;

If RemoveInternalLeading=True, the label item is displayed without leading (space) above the text. Accent marks and other diacritical characters may occur in this area, so do not use this property if Text contains accented characters.

If RemoveSpaceBelow=True, the label item is displayed without space below the text.

These properties are useful if this label item is used as a drop cap (the first letter in a chapter, with vertical alignment = rvvaLeft).

Use TRichViewEdit.SetCurrentItemExtraIntPropertyEx to change values of these properties as an editing operation (rveipcRemoveInternalLeading).

Default value:

RemoveInternalLeading: False

RemoveSpaceBelow: False

UseTypoMetric: True

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