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Occurs while methods Print or PrintPages are executed.


  TRVPrintingEvent = procedure(Sender: TCustomRichView;

    PageCompleted: Integer; Step:TRVPrintingStepof object;


property OnSendingToPrinter: TRVPrintingEvent;

In the first time, this event is generated with

PageCompleted=0, Step=rvpsStarting.

Next, this event occurs several times with

PageCompleted=<number of page that was just printed>, Step=rvpsProceeding.

In the last time, it occurs with

PageCompleted=0, Step=rvpsFinished.


Note1: Sender is a special RichView, internally contained in TRVPrint object.

Note2: PageCompleted is an index of page (from 1), not a number of printed pages. The same value will be repeated several times in one call of Print or PrintPages when printing more than one copy.


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