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Defines properties of a "virtual printer"

property VirtualPrinter: TRVVirtualPrinterProperties;

(introduced in version 17)

If VirtualPrinter.Active = True, TRVPrint prepares pages for drawing on any canvas, using page size and DPI value specified in this property. Real printers are not used in this mode.

In this mode, you cannot call methods that print multiple pages, but you can draw pages on the specified canvas using DrawPage and DrawPageAt methods.

"Virtual printer" functionality is similar to the functionality provided by TRVReportHelper component. Differences:

a report helper draws only a directly at the specified location; a virtual printer draws a page having the specified margins;

a report helper does not support headers and footers;

a report helper does not support printing text boxes and side notes;

a report helper uses DPI value read from the specified Canvas; a virtual printer uses DPI specified in its property.