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Draws the specified page at the specified coordinates

procedure DrawPageAt(Left, Top, APageNo: Integer;

  ACanvas: TCanvas; APreview: Boolean; AHeight: Integer);


APageNo index of the page to draw. The first page has index = 1.

ACanvas Canvas where to render the page. It's not necessary the same canvas as was used in Init, but must have the same resolution (and the same value of Font.PixelsPerInch)

The top left corner of the page is drawn at (Left,Top) coordinates.

APreview should be set to True when drawing on the screen canvas, to False when drawing on printer canvas.

AHeight height of this page; this value is used for drawing background.


This method uses SetWindowOrgEx to move origin to (Left,Top).

This page must be formatted before drawing, see FormatNextPage.


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