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Defines the rotation of the cell content.

property Rotation:TRVDocRotation;

(introduced in version 14)

Rotates the cell content by the specified degree.

A direct assignment to this property cannot be undone/redone by user, use table.SetCellRotation.

A content rotated by 90° and by 270° does not affect to width of table columns and height of table rows (if it goes beyond the cell, it is clipped).

A rotation by 90° can be used to implement vertical text, including East Asian scripts. Use it in conjunction with Options.


this property is ignored when the application is run in Windows 95, 98, or ME;

TPngObject/TPngImage cannot show transparency correctly if rotated;

transparency limitation when printing (you cannot see a bitmapped background through a rotated picture further than the background of its table) (srv_icon this limitation does not apply to ScaleRichView);

no corrections are made to drawing procedures to compensate differences in drawing graphics in the standard and the advanced modes (when drawing rotated content, Canvas is switched to the advanced graphic mode);

controls inserted in rotated cells are not shown (srv_icon this limitation does not apply to ScaleRichView).


Saving and loading:

this property can be saved and loaded from RVF;

rotations by 90° and by 270° are saved to RTF as the corresponding text flow in the cell, and are loaded accordingly;

this property is not saved and not read from HTML.

See also notes about rotation in the topics about:

Cell.VAlign property;


Default value: