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Merges the specified cells in one.

procedure MergeCells(TopRow, LeftCol, ColSpan, RowSpan: Integer; AllowMergeRC: Boolean);


TopRow, LeftCol – position of the top left cell for cell-merging.

ColSpan – number of columns for merging.

RowSpan – number of rows for merging.

The resulting cell is Cells[TopRow, TopCol] having ColSpan=ColSpan and RowSpan=RowSpan.

This method fails (does nothing) if the parameters do not define a rectangle (because of previous cell merging). You can check the possibility of merging using CanMergeCells.

AllowMergeRC = False forbids to perform merging, if it will cause appearing rows or columns containing only nils. It's not recommended to have such rows/columns, so you can either forbid such operation or to delete them using DeleteEmptyRows and DeleteEmptyCols (the latter is recommended).

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