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Allows custom drawing of table backgrounds


  TRVTableDrawBackEvent = procedure(Sender: TRVTableItemInfo; Canvas: TCanvas;
    Left, Top, Right, Bottom: Integer;
    TableSelected, CellSelected, Printing: Boolean; Row, Col: Integer;
    var DoDefault: Boolean) of object;
property OnDrawBackground: TRVTableDrawBackEvent;

(introduced in version 17)

Input parameters

Sender – the table to draw background for (background can be drawn for the table itself or for the table cells).

Canvas – canvas where to draw.

Left, Top, Right, Bottom – rectangle for the background.

TableSelectedTrue if this table is selected completely.

CellSelectedTrue if this cell is selected.

PrintingTrue if this drawing is for printing; False if on screen.

Row, Col – row and column of the cell (or -1 if this is a table background).

Output parameters

DoDefault – set to False to cancel the default background drawing.

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