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Allows custom drawing of table backgrounds


  TRVTableDrawBackEvent = procedure(Sender: TRVTableItemInfo; Canvas: TCanvas;
    Left, Top, Right, Bottom: Integer;
    TableSelected, CellSelected, Printing: Boolean; Row, Col: Integer;
    var DoDefault: Boolean) of object;
property OnDrawBackground: TRVTableDrawBackEvent;

(introduced in version 17)

Input parameters

Sender the table to draw background for (background can be drawn for the table itself or for the table cells).

Canvas canvas where to draw.

Left, Top, Right, Bottom rectangle for the background.

TableSelected True if this table is selected completely.

CellSelected True if this cell is selected.

Printing True if this drawing is for printing; False if on screen.

Row, Col row and column of the cell (or -1 if this is a table background).

Output parameters

DoDefault set to False to cancel the default background drawing.

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