TRVUndoType Type

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TRVUndoType Type

Unit RVEdit


TRVUndoType = (

    rvutNone, rvutDelete, rvutInsert, rvutPara, rvutMiscTyping,

    rvutInsertPageBreak, rvutRemovePageBreak,

    rvutTyping, rvutTag, rvutStyleNo, 

    rvutAddCheckpoint, rvutRemoveCheckpoint, rvutModifyCheckpoint,

    rvutModifyItem, rvutToHypertext,  rvutFromHypertext, 

    rvutTextFlow, rvutList, rvutProperty, rvutLayout, 

    rvutBackground, rvutStyleTemplate, rvutSubDoc, 

    rvutResize, rvutTableCell,   rvutTableRow, 

    rvutTable, rvutTableInsertRows, rvutTableInsertCols,

    rvutTableDeleteRows, rvutTableDeleteCols, 

    rvutTableMerge, rvutTableSplit, 


The values (except for rvutNone and rvutCustom) identify types of standard undo operations. They are useful if you wish to show (in a menu or a hint) which operation is about to be undone.

There are no hard-coded names for these operations, because they may be application specific. For example, rvutTag (changing item's tag) can have special meaning for an application (editing a hyperlink or another item property).

The demo Demos\*\Editors\Editor 1\ has suggested names of actions in RVUndoStr.pas.


There are two special undo types:




No undo/redo available (disable an undo or a redo menu item or button)


The undo action has a special name (see BeginUndoCustomGroup).