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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 03/01/2005 22:13:27

Almost the same for C++Builder.

Does not include hyperlink autodetection, but allows not only applying

hyperlink to the selection, but also inserting a new hyperlink (when the

selection is empty).

> Improved version of the demo from

> Demos\Delphi\Assorted\Hypertext\CreateHyperlink




> The updated demo shows:

> - how to create document with hyperlinks

> - how to make hyperlink from the selected text (hyperlink is blue and

> underlined)

> - how to remove hyperlinks from the selected text (if user entered empty

> hyperlink target)

> - how to close hyperlinks when user presses Space or Enter key.


> Old demo used a predefined hypertext text style (with index = 4).

> This demo creates it dynamically, basing on the atributes of the selected

> text (just makes it blue and underlined).



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