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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 02/18/2002 1:09:23

The file was too large for attachment, so I removed the original post and

moved the attachment here:

I removed exe file from archive and made small modification: to assign False

to PreviewCreated in editor.OnChange, table.AfterCancel, etc.

Sergey Tkachenko

"Bob Dalton" <> wrote:

Here is a new TRichView Demo I am contributing to everyone. It is a pretty

much a complete demo with source code which shows how to edit a DB RichEdit

field, provides complete formatting support, and shows how to print, export,

import etc...

It is attached to this posts as a file attachment.

This was developed using Delphi 5 Pro.

No promises at all but it works fine at this end....

Hope this helps folks!


Bob Dalton

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