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Alan S. Olson

Posted: 05/15/2005 3:48:45

I'm looking for support to EXPORT these from richview to RTF.

Is this supproted?  If so, what is the control code i need to use in the

TRichView component to get these codes exported to RTF?



"Sergey Tkachenko" <> wrote in message


> Actually, TRichView supported \~, \-, \bullet, \ldblquote, \rdblquote,

> \lquote, \rquote, \endash, \emdash.


> Is it necessary to export  \emspace and \enspace? Even MS Word exports

> them

> as unicode codes instead of \emspace and \enspace (at least, Word 2003).

> And

> I guess a larger number of applications understand unicode RTF codes than

> \emspace and \enspace.

> I'll add support for import of these markups.

> Will be on the next update.





>> in MS RTF 1.3 spec, there are \endash, \emdash, \enspace and \emspace

>> markups supported in the spec.


>> TRichView 1.9.8 appears to only support the \emdash and \endash in terms

> of

>> RTF exporting.


>> Will the \emspace and \enspace markups eventually be supported?  IF so,

>> when?


>> Thanks much!


>> Alan Olson





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