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Posted: 11/22/2002 21:28:55

Hey Sergey,

  If I have a different print size for an item being shown, is there a method

to pass back the new height or bottom of the custom print drawing to keep

following items or text in sync?  I suspect that every item that follows

is still expecting the item to take up the space in the view.  I have not

gotten this far to test.  I just thought I would ask..  Thanks

"Sergey Tkachenko" <> wrote:

>It's not a trivial task.

>Of course, drawing control with 40K rows into bitmap is impossible.

>You can create a new RichView item class representing this control, and

>override printing method in it.

>Example is in Demos\Addins\ChartItem.

>This example shows how to print a control directly on the printer canvas.


>But this does not solve the problem, because there is one more important

>issue - how the image of this control will be separated between pages.

>There are two possible solutions:

>- setting rvepMinHeightOnPage to non-zero value; the control will be printed

>on several pages, but it can be split  between  pages in arbitrary place


>the middle of text line in cell, for example);

>- controlling separation between pages yourself; this process is not

>documented and is not very easy to learn.


>Did you try to use native RichView tables for your reports?



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