Re: Copy table from word to TRichview 1.7

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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 05/06/2004 8:28:13

In the latest version (newer than 1.8) table layout algorithm and resizing

with mouse were improved. But I am not sure that that will solve all the


Unlike MS Word, tables in TRichView have HTML-like model.

Width of columns is not specified directly but is calculated basing on

BestWidth properties of table cells. Resizing changes values of BestWidths

to achive the proper column width. It's not always possible, especially if

cells BestWidths have conflicting values.

> When copying a table to trichview from word the table sometimes does not


> width ways

> and trying to resize is difficuilt.


> Are there any options to help with copying tables that may help or would

> 1.8 help at all.


> Thanks Mike



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