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Bryan Tabuteau

Posted: 09/01/2004 1:05:34

Probably only font names.  If I could do full formatting restrictions, that

would be handy too, but not necessary.  Just trying to make sure that the

look and feel of a website is not compromised by dodgy fonts.

"Sergey Tkachenko" <> wrote:

>Do you want to restrict font names (for example, only "Arial" and "Courier

>New", or do you want to restrict formatting (for example, only "Arial, 10pt,

>black" and "Arial, 10pt, red italic")?



>> Hi,


>> I'm trying to use a TrichViewEdit as an html editor, but restrict the


>> that the user can choose or the styles the paragraphs can be to only those

>> contained within a css file.  Or even if I could get the hmtl export to


>> export with font tags like H1 and H2 etc, then i could label my style


>> appropriately.  Anybody know how i would go about this?



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