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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 07/22/2002 18:28:38


Mouse-down and -up events have the index of clicked item as a parameter.

RichView.GetItemClientCoords returns coordinates of top left corner of this

item relative to the top level corner of RichView window.

You can subtract these coordinates from mouse coordinates (parameters of

this event). You'll get coordinates of mouse relative to the top left corner

of item.

If this item is a table, use GetCellAt to find the clicked cell.

But for editor, you can just use table.GetEditedCell

> hello


> How to obtain current row and col in table


> I use the GetCellAT method, it's fine but when the height of the

> table is greater than the richview and when I scroll to view the the


> of the table, Row and Col are not good, their values are always calculated

> with x and y.


> I want the current row and col whe I click on a table for all the table


> when the table is higer than the screen.



> Thank's

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