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Daniel Zimmerman

Posted: 06/29/2004 21:53:03

Herbert, I agree 100% that this is a great component.  It provides us

with a lot of functionality that no other components have, and it's easy

to work with.  In addition, the support we get is very prompt and

thorough.  That's why we've chosen to use it. 

However, inside our program, which is a scientific data analysis tool,

we are trying to give people an editing environment that they are

familiar with.  Our goal is that people will simply think they are using

a subset of Word, which 99.5% of the world uses and is therefore

familiar with.  Therefore we would like to get as many details the same

between RichView and Word.

In addition, and this is for Sergey, I find that when the selection is

done backwards, as i described below, and then i change the font of the

selected items using applyStyleConversion, the selection bounds returned

by getSelectionBounds covers 2 separate items, when i think it should

only cover 1. This makes it more difficult to do some other things that

we want to do with the selected items, because the selection now spans 2

styles.  Therefore, i was thinking that if there is no blinking cursor

before the text which is visually selected, it would be easier for us to

deal with the selection because there would only be 1 selected item, and

therefore 1 selected style.


HL <> wrote in news:40e16a53$

> Daniel Zimmerman wrote:

>> I noticed that there when i select text in a richview edit, the

>> cursor is still blinking - either at the end of the selection, if i

>> dragged the mouse forward, or at the beginning of the selection, if i

>> dragged it backward. Other editors, like MS Word, make the cursor

>> disappear when there is selected text.


>> Is there a way to make the cursor disappear (and maybe having no

>> current item in the document)?


>> Daniel

> Why is it that RichView is always compared to MS Word??? I think

> RichView is a great component with lots of features and there is no

> need to create a word clone.


> Herbert


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