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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 10/05/2004 19:52:05

It's easy to exclude pictures and text formatting, see properties of

TRichView.RTFReadProperties: IgnorePictures, TextStyleMode and


In the next update, a new property will be added: IgnoreTables (content of

tables will be inserted in the main document).

Important note: TRichView does not support DBCS text - editing and selecting

may be wrong. If you want to support Asian language, use Unicode in


As for text pasting: text is converted to the language of keyboard layout at

the moment of copying. If there are no appropriate characters in this

language, unknown characters are converted to ?.

If you will use Unicode, this problem will be solved, at least partially

(copy-pasting text between Unicode application and non-Unicode application

still requires a proper language of the keyboard at the moment of copying)


> Situation:

> I have a text in Clipboard. It was copied from HTML page and contains


> with text in cells.


> Question:

> How to paste RTF text excluding tables, pictures and even without


> (plain text) but not using PasteText method?


> Details:

> I have rvruNoUnicode in RTFReadOptions. If I call Paste method then each

> pasted Unicode symbol converted into pair of single-byte characters. It is

> exact Unicode conversion I want. However the TABLES appears in


> control which I don't want to see (I'm working with plain text data). If

> I call PasteText method then there is no tables appears (good) but each


> character looks like '?' (bad) and it is not what I want again.


> Another question variant:

> How to paste unicode text without formatting (tables e.t.c.) so each


> symbol will be converted to pair of ansi characters.


> Thanks in advance.

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