Re: How to set a table cell readonly?

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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 10/28/2002 13:15:47

This event is an event of table, not of RichView. It can be assigned just

after table creation.

It has parameter Sender: TRVTableItemInfo, so you can determine the table

which called this event.

See readme.txt in the installation for the description of parameters.

"  If Automatic=True, this is not actually a cell editing, but multicell


  (clearing, applying style)"

> 1¡¢i have many table in a rvf document, i must judge the readonly cell at

> where table. so a table OnCellEditing event handle can't share with other

> tables,

> can you give me a good ideal, let me can share this event handle with


> tables.


> 2¡¢what means of the parameter Automatic: Boolean?

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