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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 04/30/2004 15:59:22

Well, you can use SaveHTMLToStream/SaveHTMLToStreamEx,

You can save it in TFileStream, and specify any path as a parameter.

> I want the subdirectory created base on the HTML file name(as what rv


> did). For example, the file name is "Test', I would like the directory


> to be "...\Test_files\...". I know that this can be achieved by simply set

> the image prefix to the subdirectory path. But what if I would like to


> the image myself during the OnHTMLSaveImage?'>

> I know that saving the file name into a variable is one of the solution,


> it works only when there is only one HTML file to be exported at once.


> if there were threads spawned purposely for exporting HTML files? Again, I

> know I can save the info into a StringList or something, but this will


> the code looks untidy while I can easily get the file path but I have to

> every time save a list of record just to keep track of the file name.


> that's just my opinion.

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