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Justin Turberville

Posted: 01/08/2003 11:22:28

The HTML files that we are importing via the office converter are not

retaining the original table colours, reducing them to the standard 16

colour palette. It also gets certain table cells's background & font colours

completely wrong. The result is a document of poorer quality.

Opening the HTML file in Word, saving as RTF and loading that into RichView

produces a much better result. This opens the posibility of using Word's com

interface in the import program (TWordApplication), but in this case, we

want to use RVE format to retain embedded images as GIFs, so we cannot have

an RTF conversion stage. Can you suggest a work around?

I noticed that there was a news posting on 5/7/2002 on an HTML importer

add-on by Carlo Kok. Could this help in this case?  I tried to download your

exe demo at, but no

longer seems to be there & no mention at  I suppose I can

email him.

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