Re: HTML import problem with images!

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Alexey Nikulin

Posted: 07/25/2004 14:28:31

Last version of RVHTMLImporter fix this bug, but I have new problem:

For a example, try this HTML code:

<DIV><IMG src="cid::4549_4604_8986"></DIV>


<DIV><IMG src="cid::1944_8712_3283"></DIV>


<DIV><IMG src="cid::8556_734_5286"></DIV>

RVHTMLImporter ignore <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV>, end RichView place all image one

under another without empty lines!

> Somebody know why aftrer RVHTMLImporter import HTML like this:


> <DIV><IMG src="cid::8556_734_5286_"></DIV>

> <DIV><IMG src="cid::861_6761_4044_"></DIV>


> in RichView both images will be on the same line?


> If replace images with text - everything OK!



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