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Posted: 01/08/2003 20:34:26

"Sergey Tkachenko" <> wrote:

>You need to process OnURLNeeded event. In this event you need to return




>procedure TfrmMain.rveURLNeeded(Sender: TCustomRichView; id: Integer;

>  var url: String);

>var ItemNo: Integer;

>    RVData: TCustomRVFormattedData;


>  rve.GetJumpPointLocation(id, RVData, ItemNo);

>  url := PChar(RVData.GetItemTag(ItemNo));





>> When I make the contents of a table cell into a link (eg


>> I can set the tag OK but when I do SaveHTMLToStreamEx I do not get the


>> in the HTML output. In fact if I check the tag property of the table cell

>> content later(outside the procedure where I set it) the tag is lost. How

>> can I keep the tag value and export it to HTML?


>> A related point, how do I know if the item returned by GetCurrentItem


>> an entry in a table?


>> Any help would be very welcome.


>> Chris



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