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Posted: 01/22/2004 16:41:33


We are still in the process of evaluating TRichView and its HTML export


This thread is meant to share some findings we made regarding the

differencies between TRichView's rendering and what is shown in the

web-browser (Internet Explorer and Mozilla have been tested). As this is

extremely important for us to have an HTML code which renders as closely as

possible to what TRichView shows, we have used the demo application of the

TRichViewActions only. TRichView version is 1.8.1.

1- Paragraphs with borders and offset. The offset space is drawn

transparently in TRichView but is filled with the paragraph's color in HTML


2- Paragraphs' text is drawn over the borders when this borders are greater

than 1 and offset is set to 0. This is not the case in the corresponding

HTML rendering. Please not that this seams to be also the case for borders

of 1 pixel, as the horizontal bar in the middle of the "f", for example,

starts to be drawn within the border;

3- Paragraphs' interline are not equal between TRichView and the HTML

generated. For example, if we set a line spacing of 1,5 in the TRichView

actions demo, it will result to a 150% line height in CSS. However the line

height can't be the same of line spacing right ?

I've attached images representing those three points with TRichView

rendering and Internet Explorer rendering. I hope you could point us to the

right direction (wether this are bugs which will be corrected or if there

are workarounds to them).

Best regards,


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