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Posted: 01/23/2004 16:04:35

Hi Sergey,

Thank you for the clarification.

I will keep you informed with the differences we find while evaluating

the functionalities of TRichView.

Best regards,


Sergey Tkachenko wrote:

> Some comments



>>1- Paragraphs with borders and offset. The offset space is drawn

>>transparently in TRichView but is filled with the paragraph's color in







> In TRichView you can control

> - border offsets

> - colored area offsets

> - left right top bottom indents

> independently from each other.

> This means you can have border around the colored area (like in HTML),

> border around the colored area with spacing (like in your example), border

> inside the colored area, border shifted relative to the colored area, etc.

> HTML/CSS does not allow this. Border are always drawn around the colored

> area.

> So TRichView tries to export the HTML/CSS the closest to the original,

> calculating means, etc.



>>2- Paragraphs' text is drawn over the borders when this borders are


> greater


>>than 1 and offset is set to 0. This is not the case in the corresponding

>>HTML rendering. Please not that this seams to be also the case for borders

>>of 1 pixel, as the horizontal bar in the middle of the "f", for example,

>>starts to be drawn within the border;



> Thank you for pointing to this issue. In one of next updates borders with

> zero spacing will not be drawn inside the colored area.



>>3- Paragraphs' interline are not equal between TRichView and the HTML

>>generated. For example, if we set a line spacing of 1,5 in the TRichView

>>actions demo, it will result to a 150% line height in CSS. However the


> line


>>height can't be the same of line spacing right ?



> New version of TRichView does not save line heights in percents any more,

> it uses:

> line-height: 1.50;



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