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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 04/03/2004 18:35:51

Yes, this is a known problem.

I have not decided how to solve it yet.

Two possible solutions:

1) To assign a lower priority to hyperlink styles. When the caret is at the

border between hyperlink and normal text, normal text becomes current. Like

in MS Word. It will make impossible to add a text to the end of hyperlink by


2) To make 2 caret position between hyperlink and normal text - the closest

to hyperlink will switch the current style to the hyperlink's style, the

other one - to the normal text.

While none of the above mentioned solutions are implemented, you need a

special command to switch the current style (or convert the selected text)

from typertext to normal text. In RichViewActions this can be done by

entering empty target in the hyperlink's dialog.

> I have posted this problem before but still haven't get a solution. This


> my problem:


> If for example I have entered the following text into TRichViewEdit. If


> caret is stop at the end of Something, the text style is normal. If the

> caret move to the end of Nothing the text style now is bold. And finally


> I move the caret to the end of testing which is an hyperlink text, the


> style now is underline with blue in color. This behaviour is ok for normal

> text formatting but not hyperlink, because if i move the cursor to the end

> of the hyperlink text then keep on typing, the following text will be in

> hypertext format.


>  Something Nothing Testing


> In Microsoft Words, if the caret stop at the end of a hypertext, the text

> style will follow the style before an hypertext is inserted.


> regards,


> CY








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