Re: Hyperlink were lost by changing style

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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 02/08/2005 11:17:49

Make sure that rvoClearTagOnStyleApp is NOT included in the EditorOptions


Since v1.9, it's not included there by default, but if you started

development from older version, it may be there.


> Hi,


> if I generate a HTML link for the selected text and give it a style for


> it works after a SaveHTML correct. If I change the font-family or the


> after generate the hyperlink it will not work.


> I use to generate the hyperlink the same code as it is in the Demo-Files

> of the richview.


> What can I do to give the user the possibility to change the style of a


> without lost the hyperlink by reformating the hyperlink-text.


> Bye Sascha

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