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Posted: 03/31/2005 15:15:30


Thanks for the attention,

The sent example gives error to me:

I have evaluation version:



"error reading RVStyle1.Style Templates

property Style Templates does not exist"

same error ocurrs in the MailMerge.

can help me ?

"Sergey Tkachenko" <> escreveu na mensagem


> The modified demo is here:



> It does not use a fixed set of styles. It creates styles for fields on the

> fly (using font at the caret position + protection options). Fields are

> determined by the presense of protection options.

> It has the function returning a number of fields.



>> Hi

>> Sergei,

>> I need help.

>> I am evaluating the Trichview components.

>> I'm from Brazil  and am having difficulties in having support in this

>> evaluation.

>> I have posted some questions with doubts that I did not get reply. They

> are

>> simple questions for who know.

>> Now I am drifter on buying,. I will have a good support?


>> thanks

>> Diogo





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