Re: Insert/Append from Stream into table cell

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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 05/09/2002 14:53:44

These additional parameters will be ignored by cell.

Pass nil as TRVBackground parameter.

> Trying to present a report in table format by loading subsequent cells


> a DB - hence streaming RVF content in.  When I use InsertRVFFromStream or

> AppendRVFFromStream on the Cell (via GetRVData) then (a) the parameters


> are different to normal, and I can't find this documented; and (b) one of

> the parameters calls for a value of TRVBackground, which is undefined,


> and I can't create it.


> Help!  Am I going about this the wrong way?  If these commands aren't


> I guess I could stream the content into a "dummy" RichView component, then

> copy to clipboard and paste into the cell?  Seems inefficient though...


> Thx for any advice anyone can provide.

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