Re: InsertPageBreak raise exception

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Tobias Thörn

Posted: 05/29/2002 16:17:47

Ok. Please send me an e-mail on how to get the latest version. Today I have


Thank you.

"Sergey Tkachenko" <> wrote:

>I cannot reproduce this problem.

>Please update you version to the latest one - 1.6.33 (if you do not know


>link where to download it, I'll e-mail it)



>> When I insert a pagebreak it raise an exception with the message "List


>> out of bounds (-1)" and the debugger stops at in the


>> procedure at the line:

>> if (GetOffsetInCurItem>GetOffsBeforeItem(GetCurItemNo)) or

>>        TCustomRVItemInfo(Items.Objects[GetCurItemNo]).SameAsPrev


>> Before this call I have only inserted a table:

>> RV.AddItem('', Table);




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