Re: InsertRVFFromStream Vs AppendFrom

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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 02/18/2005 22:05:44

InsertRVFFromStream allows inserting in the middle of document.

AppendRVFFromStream allows to define the paragraph style of the first

inserted paragraph (and allow addition to the end of the existing


There should no be other differences.

> Could you explain a little, the difference between using


> Vs using Appendfrom in relation to how the styles are merged?

> I had a procedure where I was using AppendFrom, but the styles were


> all mixed up across the items being inserted.

> I've just re-writen the proc to create and use TStreams to

> InsertRVFFromStream and I finally get all the formatting (styles) abiding


> the way the users lay the items out.

> thanks

> Alan



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