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Cass McNutt

Posted: 03/12/2004 13:08:39

I'm trying to get TRichView and its wonderfully-integrated partner

components / apps installed and working well together.  I think my lack

of experience in component development is troublng me.  A few questions.

1) One, really basic question.  How do I *uninstall* a ".dpk" installed

component, so I can start over from scratch or upgrade to a newer

version of it?

2) I want to use TRichView, and TRichView Actions with RvHtml,

TRichViewXML, and Addict3.  I installed all three of those, and the

Parser for Addict 3.  I then removed the "." from the appropriate places

in tne .inc file, as listed in the instructions.  Recompile seemed to go

fine, and it (can't remember the exact wording) "inferred" the files to

include, etc.  Upon trying to install it (rvActionsD6), I get this


       "Cannot load package 'rvActionsRunD6.'  It contains unit

'RichViewXML,' which is also contained in package 'RVXMLD6'"

I've become spoiled by easier Delphi component installs...   :(

I'm a brand-new customer; any help at all w/b appreciated.



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