Re: Is image selected?

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Posted: 05/14/2003 21:43:34

Well, the problem is that the image *is* selected since the handles

*are* there as I described in my following message.

But the values are not always the same when it's selected and I have to

select and unselect it several times to finally get a result that

reflects what is displayed.


Sergey Tkachenko wrote:

> If all these values are zeros, the image is not selected (and you cannot see

> resizing handles, and it will not be copied to the clipboard on Ctrl+C). If

> all values are zeros, the caret is before the image, and the selection is

> empty.

> (but this image is active ("current"), so it is outlined and, for example,

> "Object Properties" action can work with it)



>>The image is selected but Line 3499 in unit CRVFData causes the result

>>to be nil. The values for StartNo, EndNo, StartOffs, EndOffs are all 0.

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