Lagging using addtext

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Jonathan Dias Rezende

Posted: 04/07/2004 7:17:54


i am a newb hehe

so if i say something VERY stupid, patience hehe( and my english sux )

here is my project, i am building a telnet client to play MUD

so i would like to use the trichview as BUFFER

but i can't... becase it lags when i use the addtext too fast and too much

let me try to explain:





each * is a room, and each room has his own color

so my code will do:

rve.addtext(FirstRoom, LastStyle);

next color = white, just for ex


so now i put the text again, but it will be a white *

rve.addtext(SecondRoom, LastStyle);

then the next room is black...


then put the room, and after all this, format and print all


but it lags my entire project

i took out the rve.ApplyStyleConversion(TEXT_COLOR); and just printing normal

rooms with the same color, but, choping the buffer in pieces, each * do a

addtext, and it still lagged me, so, it isn't the applystyle or such, its

the addtext

is there anything to stop it?


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