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Ola Ekelund

Posted: 02/08/2003 0:34:46

>No. RichEdits and RichViewEdits do not send messages to other controls


>to itself), so they cannot conflict.

>As for processing standard richedit messages (EM_UNDO, EM_REDO, EM_CANUNDO,

>EM_CANREDO, EM_CANPASTE - some of them are lager than WM_USER) -


>processes them by rules of RichEdits.


>But as for RichView own messages (codes < WM_USER + 20) - sending them with

>unexpected parameters can cause corruption.

>Especially  WM_USER + 15 where the component expects pointer to the

>dynamically allocated structure and frees memory for it.


Ok still strange, however I have now registered and waiting for the licens.

I have a feeling that it is the small red "TRichView unregistred" that might

cause my problem. I have a function in my mainform that runs frequently and

loop all forms in the application in order to update several status. I dont

know if this "TRichView unregistred" is a form in the application collection

but I hope so. Otherwise I will contact you again. BTW I contact you anyway,

can be good to know for the future.


Ola Ekelund

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