Re: metafile size changes with save and load (RVF)

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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 09/25/2002 17:10:08

There is an issue with metafiles loaded with RTF and exported back to RTF -

in some cases, their size may be changed (this will be fixed on the next


But I do not know how it can happen with RVF.

May be this is a problem of TMetafile? Try to load this metafile to TImage

and then save it in another file.

Is its size changed?

> When I save a RVF-file (RichVIew 1.6.46), and then load it again, the size

> of my pictures change. The simplest test I can do is to insert a metafile

> via the menu "insert picture" and save the RVF-file in the ActionTest

> application. When I reload the file, the picture size has changed from 22


> width to 26 cm on the screen. I noticed a similar increase of size earlier

> when exporting to RTF. Any ideas?


> Benedikt


> PS: I noticed in ActionTest that the picture selection is different from


> application. The picture is selcted with a single click. I have not yet

> looked at the code but this i certainly the behaviour I would prefer. Is

> there an easy way to achive that?



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