Re: More on importing (copying and pasting) documents or document sections with styles?

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Lauchlan M

Posted: 04/22/2004 18:55:26

> There is one very important issue - in the current version, TRichViewEdit

> does not provide completely WYSIWYG view.

> You can see the exact page image only in TRVPrintPreview component, not in

> TRichViewEdit.

> While it's possible to limit a width of editing area so it will be

> correspondent to the paper size, it's not guaranteed that lines will be

> wrapped exactly in the same places in the editor and on the page.

ok, I don't need an exact correspondence, just a general indication, and to

have it look like the text is constrained into a document shape rather than

spilling out into however much room is available on the right of the

control's real estate.

How would I limit the width of the editing area within the RichViewEdit


> The ruler allows to change paragraph indents and editor's margins  (they


> not paper margins; on paper, they correspond to padding of the colored


> if document has a colored background; paper margins are defined in page

> setup dialog). In the latest version the ruler allows changing tabs and

> resize tables.

Is there a ruler at all in the eval version I have (I think it's 1.8.1)?

What component is it in?

> But if you need true WYSIWYG editor (exactly the same wrapping in editor


> on paper), you need to search alternative component. True WYSIWYG is


> for future.

Sounds good! Are you able to indicate roughly (Q2, Q3, Q4, next year) when

this might be anticipated?

Thanks for your response!

Lauchlan M

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