Re: More on importing (copying and pasting) documents or document sections with styles?

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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 04/22/2004 22:26:43

> How would I limit the width of the editing area within the RichViewEdit

> control?

See the help file, topic "Scrolling in RichView", after "horizontal

scrolling" heading.

It explains with pictures.

> > The ruler allows to change paragraph indents and editor's margins  (they

> are

> > not paper margins; on paper, they correspond to padding of the colored

> area,

> > if document has a colored background; paper margins are defined in page

> > setup dialog). In the latest version the ruler allows changing tabs and

> > resize tables.


> Is there a ruler at all in the eval version I have (I think it's 1.8.1)?

> What component is it in?

It's included in RichViewActions (but can be used even without them)

TRVRuler, "RichView Misc" page on the Component Palette.


> > But if you need true WYSIWYG editor (exactly the same wrapping in editor

> and

> > on paper), you need to search alternative component. True WYSIWYG is

> planned

> > for future.


> Sounds good! Are you able to indicate roughly (Q2, Q3, Q4, next year) when

> this might be anticipated?

The most probably - next year

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