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Bob Dalton

Posted: 02/18/2002 0:22:58

TO: Sergey and others

I have decided to share a comprehensive TRichView demo which is based partly

on a commercial application I am currently working on plus code from some of

the examples alreday provided by Sergey.  This is example shows how to do

the following all in one example application using the various TRichView


1. How to edit a RichText database field.

2. How to format text.

3. How to print the RTF field.

4. How to preview the RTF field.

5. How to export the RTF field from the database.

6. How to import a RTF or text file into the RTF database field.

7. How to select or unselect all the text in the RTF field.

8. How to clear the RTF field.

As a bonus I have made this a in the form of a "drop in" unit" which you can

use as the basis of your own database type software projects.

All the source code plus a compiled version has been provided as a file

attachment and has been posted to the newsgroup.

Note to Sergey. This may need some editing on your part but you can do

whatever you want with it. I didn't have a lot of time to work on it but it

still looks fairly decent and worth perhaps including as part of your

provided examples.


Bob Dalton

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