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Posted: 09/11/2003 10:32:52


In attachment you can find simple demo, which will show you a bug in

onDblClick event.

There are two boxes in the form - top is TRichview and bottom is

Tlistbox. If you doubleclick on item in tlistbox, new form created and

shown on top of the previous form. The same story with TRichView - when

you click on item in trichview, you'll get a new copy of the form, on

top of the previous form. But. If you click in TRichView not on text

item, but on free space to the right, new copy of the form will be

created, but will be hidden by the current form.

I believe it's a form of bug, which we discussed couple of monthes ago

(onRVDblClick) and which you fixed. I hope you'll fix this one too.

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