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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 04/12/2002 11:44:33


Some ideas the came into my mind after I created this demo:

- this demo uses non-editor methods for updating calculated fields (direct

assignment to cell.Items[0]), so it calls Format after each modification.

If the document contains more than one table, there will be an overhead to

reformat data that were not changed.

You can try to use BeginItemModify ... EndItemModify instead of Format.

- since version 1.6.20, there is a new event that you can use instead of

OnChange - OnItemAction. It gives you an exact item which was changed (text

of which was changed). But I am afraid it will not be convenient for

operations like inserting table rows.

And one more consideration.

Mixing editing and non-editing operations is usually dangerous because of

possible damaging undo buffers. In this demo it's ok, because cells that

changed with non-editing methods (direct assignment to Items[0]) cannot be

changed by editing methods (their paragraphs are read-only).


> That is fantastic!  You didn't just execute the formulas after a cell is

> changed.  You took it a step further and execute the formulas after every

> character is entered.


> I love it!  Great example!


> Louis Kessler

> Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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