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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 01/31/2005 21:05:37

You can set ReadOnly to false before the generation procedure, and set it to

true after.

But I recommend to use viewer-style methods for document generation instead,

such as AddItem().

They ignore ReadOnly flag, and they may be much faster (because each editing

method, like InsertItem(), reformats the affected part of document after its


When finishing the document generation, cal RichViewEdit->Format();


> Hi,

> I want to generate a document programmatically and then let the user only

> print this document (not edit).


> If I set "ReadOnly = true" I cannot insert an table like


>   if (RichViewEdit1->InsertItem("", table))

>   {

>   }


> The table will not be visible.


> Is there a way to get around this feature ??


> Thanks, Jan Schloen


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