Replacing components with pictures (metafiles, for printout)

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Jonas N

Posted: 08/29/2002 9:44:05

Hi Sergey and others!

I'm working on a project where I use a TCustomControl decendant for

displaying musical score clips (using GDIPlus, interacting with keyboard

commands and so on...). This works excellent but for printing, where the

bitmap pictures don't give satisfying result. However, it's very easy to

convert my clips to emf metafiles.

Could you give me a hint how to replace the components with pictures

containing the metafiles?

What about this pseudo code?

(for) Iterate through RichView items line by line (do) // how to do this..?


        When finding a control that I want to replace

                Storing the control size to local variables

                Saving the control data as a metafile

                Deleting the control

                Inserting a RichView picture at the same spot

                Setting its size

                Loading the metafile


I there a better way?

Regards / Jonas Nyström

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