Re: Resizing picture without stretching?

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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 07/29/2002 21:28:14

No, this feature is not supported.

You need either to use TImage, or create a new RichView item type with

overriden paint procedure.

> > New version of RV supports image stretching without modifying original

> image

> > (this feature is not available in trial version).

> > If you are a registered users, look in readme.txt for the latest


> > methods SetItemExtraIntProperty.


> Yes, but it's not what i mean. I need to draw a graphic (jpeg, gif, bmp)

> with resize area, but inside this area keep/display the picture not


> (Without stretch). I ask if you know a way to do that because i need to


> compatibility with actual and futur picture support inside RVE. If it's

> impossible do i must use TImage instead? Thanks!




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