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Posted: 12/18/2002 12:21:06

I recommend you visit the following page:

This is the list of BDE alternatives. Or

- the same list divided by category (local database, file server databases,

database servers, etc.)

"Tomasz Trejderowski" <> wrote:



>I'm using TRichView (+printing) to produce simple reports. In those reports

>I need to place some information taken directly form MySQL database on

>remote server (which IP, database, username and password I know). The

>question is, what components you would propose, that would be:

>- best for co-work with TRichView,

>- Delphi5 compilant (or sources included),

>- freeware

>- not complex - I only need to read or write data to a specific tables of

>database - operations on tables and whole database are not required, I work

>only on single table level - so huge MySQL packs for Delphi are NOT the

>think I'm looking for.


>I've searched Torry's but I found only complex packs that operate on whole

>databases and reqiures original Borland components (or BDE) to be installed

>as well. Are they any componetns that works for itself (or uses some *.dll

>libs, not other components). And of course - for the most important, I don't

>know which of them would work best with TRichView.


>Has someone ever used TRichView with MySQL ??





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