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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 09/24/2003 21:48:44

I added a method GetColorName.

There is also a new function RVA_GetColorName returning a name of the given


Moreover, I added a new property to TRVAControlPanel: AddColorNameToHints:

Boolean (default True).

If set to true, ColorName will be added to hints of TrvActionCustomColor

having UserInterface=rvacNone.

For other types of UI it does not make sense, because Color is obtained from

the editor at the moment of the action execution.

Will be on the next update.

> Hi Sergey,


> it would be nice if TrvActionCustomColor would get a public read-only

> property ColorName, which provides the name of the chosen color, so

> that e.g. it could be used in the hint of the control linked to the

> action. For colors that are not part of the Colors array, it could

> be the HEX value.


> Regards

> Yoerdes



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