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Posted: 03/15/2004 14:16:52

I can't show any "missing picture". I want to delete whole image item. Any


"Sergey Tkachenko" <> wrote:

>May be an alternative solution is acceptable?

>Do not delete pictures from editors, but when loading document containing

>missing pictures show special "missing picture" images in their place? It's

>easy to do, beacuse you return images in OnRVFPictureNeeded.



>> Hi,

>> I have one RichViewEdit + dynamic array of TMemoryStream + dynamic array

>> of images.

>> Example:

>> 1) adding a picture (only pointer <- rvfoSavePictureBody = false) from


>> 2) saving RichViewEdit to array (TMemoryStream)

>> 3) loading other element of a array to RichViewEdit

>> 4) adding the same picture

>> .. and so on

>> This is not a problem but if I delete picture from array I would like


>> delete added item (rvsPicture) in whole array where are RichViewEdits


>> Any Idea? Please help.



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